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Blaze Cannabis Dispensary

Non Traditional Approach to Medical Cannabis...


Client: Blaze Cannabis Dispensary

Focus: Visual Identity & Signage

Industry: Healthcare

Brand Design for Blaze Cannabis Dispensary

Is a direct reference to the word blaze - fire - burning - vaporize- re-birth.

Is intended as a subliminal reference of fire and healing without being obvious. Fire & Water as main elements for life - nature - cannabis plant.

Typeface is a Sans Serif for a easy to read, clean & young look for the target audience. Is a geometric typeface that evokes balance.

Logotype has a colour palette that uses 2 types of gradients and 2 types of red as the main logo for formal use. The color palette is warm as blaze name.

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Our Role:
+ Creative Direction
+ Visual Identity
+ Brand Messaging
+ Signage

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