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La Productora

Meticulously Crafted with the Finest Materials


Client: La Productora

Focus: Visual Identity

Industry: Design & Architecture

La Productora is a wordmark designed with a structural brutalist flair and at the same time minimalist typeface that reflects is own practice. The brand uses a icon for some collaterals materials.

Is module-based display font family typeface that goes along with the practice of designing, fabrication and consulting. The Graphical and plain shape of this font made a stamp impression as a reminder of the ahead spirit of La Productora.

The typeface that represents design, fabrication and consulting is a Next Code Light a Sans Serif font with pure geometric forms. La Productora practice goes well with geometrical pattern and shapes in order to design and fabricate objects. This typeface is pure balance between stylization and simplification, has encoded with the distinct voice of basic organic shapes to stand the test of time.

The color palette starts from earth tones with a touch of complemetary bold colors such as blue & orange, evoking modern, elegant and young spirit of the brand.

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Our Role:
+ Creative Direction
+ Visual Identity
+ Social Media Brand Narratives

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