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New Approach to Pediatric Medicine


Client: PedMed

Focus: Visual Identity

Industry: Healthcare


We created a custom font with the use of cylinders - pills that makes a direct reference to the practice of the medical group. PedMed is a pediatric medical center that covers all specialities within the overall health of young patients.


PEDIATRIC MEDICAL CENTER uses a GT AMERICA FONT for a clean/medical approach. GT America is the missing bridge between 19th century American Gothic's and 20th century European Neo-Grotesk typefaces. It uses the best design features from both traditions in the widths and weights where they function optimally.


Lettermark palette uses 10 color combinations; all of the colors will interlace with the different specialities that PEDMED will be offering. Also this color palette will be present on the brand iconography.

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Our Role:
+ Creative Direction
+ Visual Identity
+ Visual Narratives & Storytelling
+ Creative Strategy

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