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TG Active

Breathable Activewear


Client: TG Active

Focus: Visual Identity, Web Design & Clothing Design

Industry: Retail

The brand was created using nature as an inspiration and focal point since it will be used for outdoor exercise as a primary focus.

The human being is made up of 65-75% water, as is our planet 70%. Its icon is inspired by the element of water and for this reason we use drops. 3 drops make up the icon. There are 3 people who make up TG ACTIVE's raison d'être. Water plays an important element since when we exercise we sweat and secrete the water from our body. Water is present in everything we understand to be TG ACTIVE as a brand.

Hologram and black are TG ACTIVE's main color scheme. TG ACTIVE as a brand is not restricted to one color but all the colors. The color black is nothing other than the sum of all the colors. The hologram is the reflection of the prism of the visible color spectrum.

The jellyfish (Medusozoa), or sea tears was the animal that inspired us, since it is transparent but at the same time reflects the color spectrum and its composition is 95% water and his body has no weight. They almost levitate in the sea. When we exercise, the fabric of the clothes to be used must breathe and at the same time have the quality of easy drying so that when sweating the fabric is light and does not add weight to the body. Athletes do not want their clothes to be a burden so that they do not restrict performance when practicing x sport. From there, we started to work on both the image and the spirit of the TG ACTIVE brand.

The brand typography is fluid and round since we understood that it should flow just like water and the natural life cycle of things. Nothing in nature is square or linear but fluid, circular and cyclical. From all this design and shape is originated.

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Our Role:
+ Creative Direction
+ Visual Identity
+ Packaging
+ Editorial Design
+ Creative Strategy
+ Brand Messaging
+ Campaigns

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