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The Weekender Hotels

Boutique Hotel


Client: The Weekender

Focus: Visual Identity

Industry: Hospitality & Leisure

This a boutique hotel brand designed with nature in mind as the main focus. Comfort & simplicity circumscribed the magical space.

The Weekender is a wordmark logo design created in a minimalist way. The brand uses a monogram icon for all collateral materials.

Uses a geometric sans-serif typeface that comes from the main structure of Futura. The geometric shapes designed provide balance and formality to the image of the brand.

The typeface that represents Ocean Park is a Shorelines Script that looks like tatters on the waves of the sea. The height and the unbalanced spacing give

a natural and organic shape, this in turn plays a youthful role in the design of the brand since one of the goals is to reach a generation of young and tasteful couples.

This secondary typeface is used on all collateral materials such as letterheads, business cards, uniforms, and general merchandise. The color palette starts from earth tones with a touch of pastel blue, due to the fact that the property is located near the sea.

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Our Role:
+ Creative Direction
+ Visual Identity
+ Packaging
+ Creative Strategy
+ Brand Messaging
+ Campaigns
+ Environment

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