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Escuela del Mar

From the Sea to Your Hands


Client: Escuela del Mar

Focus: Branding, Naming & Packaging

Industry: Food & Beverage

New Branding & Packaging Design 🦀

Escuela Del Mar - Seafood client in Spain.
As a generational change was ongoing, we had the opportunity to design their new brand and packaging.

The logo, the brand - We use serif typeface to maintain the old character making it more readable together with a simple of a wave that interconnected the words of the brand.

Packaging - We wanted to designed something that was easy to read and recognizable on the shelves. Illustrations impart the visual impact that differentiates one product from another. Always believing in a sustainable way to make products that empower mindful consumers.

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Our Role:
+ Creative Direction
+ Visual Identity
+ Packaging
+ Editorial Design
+ Creative Strategy
+ Brand Messaging
+ Campaigns

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